Frank Ugos Favourite TEDx talks


Frank Ugo gives his favourite TEDx talks

When I was asked to create a list of my favourite TEDx Talks, the first problem I had was how to pick from all the ones I had listened to. So far, I’ve been to just one – the first edition of TEDxUnilag and while I hope to attend more sometime, I spend some of my time checking out the videos posted to YouTube. With that being said, here are ten of my favourite TEDx Talks and some little reasons I actually love them.

  1. We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (TEDxEuston)

I really feel that everybody (read Nigerians if you wish) should see this talk at one point or the other because it explains what feminism is about in the simplest of terms and actually let’s you understand the need to be a feminist.

  1. Don’t Be A Waste – Chioma Omeruah (TEDxEuston)

I think the TEDx Euston talks have my heart because the speakers were actually amazing. Chioma Omeruah’s talk will make you laugh but at the same time, will drive home the fact that you are the architect of your life. Not your parents, not your siblings. It’s all you.

  1. The Happy Secret To Better Work – Shawn Achor (TEDxBloomington)

Another favourite and the reason is simple. Because he spoke and preached and said all the right things honestly. The best thing about this talk is that it is all shades of hilarious and when you come to think of it, it is very easy to get better work done.

  1. Stop Learning, Start Playing – Kunle Idowu (TEDxUnilag)

You won’t expect someone like Kunle Idowu popularly known as Frank Donga to talk about playing with that stern looking face of his. But really, he shared tips on his comic character and the need to start playing and I totally loved it.

  1. The Gift Of Blindness – Cobhams Asuquo (TEDx Euston)

I’m a big fan of the personality and the genius that is Cobhams and so listening to him speak about blindness opened my eye in a way that I never expected. He gives me so much joy and it was a pleasure to listen to him talk via YouTube obviously.

  1. Trust Your Struggle – Zain Asher (TEDxEuston)

Zain Asher is one of my favourite reporters on CNN and listening to her talk about her struggles gave me so much life that you won’t actually imagine. In the video, she talked about her brother and his accident and her life being a receptionist to living a dream job and I’m here for all the positive energy.

  1. Being the real me without apology – MaameYaa Boafo (TEDxAccra)

My first love relationship with MaameYaa came when I watched An African City, a Ghanaian web series she was on. Since then, I’ve kept tabs on her from afar and her TED talk was one of my favourites. Excluding the fact that her parents were there (I will drag mine when I get to deliver my own talk someday), I loved her composure and could totally relate to a lot of things she shared.

  1. Programming your mind for success – Carrie Green (TEDxManchester)

How I found myself watching Carrie Green’s TEDx talk, I don’t remember. But it lingers regularly. Checking her profile, I noticed one similarity – we combined school with work at some point in our life. As a person who’s interested in multiple things, her talk speaks volume to me and all it says to me is “Just do it”

  1. My philosophy for a happy life – Sam Berns (TEDxMidAtlantic)

After listening to this TEDx talk, I was inspired. It influenced my ‘live in the moment’ attitude which I try very hard to work with. It’s berry difficult but we move.

I saluted his braveness as Sam was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease, at the age of 2 and still found a way to rise above his disability and live happy. He died in 2014 after this 2013 talk.

  1. Speaking Into The Void – Titilope Sonuga (TEDx Edmonton)

I’ve been the biggest fan of Titilope Sonuga from her poetry to playing Eki in Gidi Up and it was great to listen to her talk. One thing stuck for me from the whole presentation. “there’s no failure in falling”.

There are a lot of them I’m pretty sure I’ll remember when I eventually send off this and some TED talks I hold dear like that of Sarah Jones and Shonda Rhimes. But well, enjoy this

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